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Every dog learns difference ways, and can change as the training progresses. A good trainer should know how to use every method available and know what works and what doesn't.  

Many owner have to find what training fits their dog's personality. With our programs, we conduct a behavior assessment to find what works for your dog. 

"We tried 2 different trainers, then and our veterinarian recommended NW Dog Pros. We love walking our dogs and having guests over isn't embarrassing anymore!"- Karen W., Kirkland

These dogs and owner learned how to control themselves and behave on the first lessons. 


Ever take your dog to the beach or park and see other dogs running and having fun off leash and behaving around other dogs? How can you get your dog to behave so well like that? When you get home, would it be nice for your dog to not jump on you and your guests as you walk through the dog? These are the many reasons dog are re-homed or surrendered to the shelters because owners don't know where to start, or even sometimes have reached out to a trainer and that trainer has exhausted the level of training they know and couldn't help anymore. The bond between a dog and owner isn't always about commands and tricks, it's about living in the same home working on a relationship using almost this silent communication and calmness. 

At NW Dog Pros, we have had owners literally at their wits end and in tears because they do not know what to do. We also have owners that call BEFORE getting a puppy or newly adopted dog so we can go over the "do's & don'ts" of the home and public. We always say, "Just because I own a car doesn't mean I'm a mechanic." We don't expect owners to spend hours a day training their dog, but we will come in and show you the most effective methods that will fit for you and your dog and you will see results before we leave the first lesson. 

​When researching for a trainer, it is best that you know what experience, both academic and hands on, they have. Hiring a trainer can be frustrating and confusing, so on our website you will find our achievements and credentials. We also recommend you calling us to go over any and all questions you may have. 

"You will see results the first lesson!"


​​​Anyone can become a dog trainer, but it takes skills to know how to be a good one. Learn Julie Touray's career journey. 


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